EARTHACK is a hackathon focused on social good and technology. In partnership with Earth Day Texas, we'll be working to give you access to the brightest minds in technology and sustainability.


All persons are eligble! You must be on-site and present for the hackathon to submit.


Your submission must include a title, image, and description of at least one or two sentences. You do not have to link us to your code. You also must have all team members on your Devpost submission in the event you win a prize.

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$55,200 in prizes

Top 5 Winners (3)

Top 5 Winners will receive free entry into iStart Valley’s Business Accelerator Program along with the following benefits:
-Free Company Registration (Only for First Place Winner)
-Access to resources offered by our partners
-Free coaching for the Business Canvas Preparation
-Free Product Market Fit Evaluation
-Free Support for Primary Market Research
-Enrollment into American Airlines Business Extra Program
-$50 off Registration to “iStart Valley’s 2017 College Internship Program”

First Place

First place overall. You will win prizes off the prize list, category 1.
First place for EH gets free round trip flight - Sponsored by American Airlines

Second Place

Second place. You will win prizes off the prize list, category 2.

Third Place

Third Place. You can win prizes up to category 3.

Best Environmental Impact

The hack that presents the best solution or awareness of an environmental issue. You cannot win this prize and the Best Social Impact prize. You will win prizes up to Category 4.

Toyota Connected NLP

Best use of natural language processing in chat bot application to give recommendations
Winners receive: Oculus Rift + tour of Toyota HQ in the fall.

1. The chatbot should support accept natural language queries. Examples

a. “Find the nearest gas station”

b. “I would like to go to Walmart Supercenter near Frisco”

c. “I want to eat Chinese”

d. “Take me to an Hospital near Austin”

e. Etc..

2. The chatbot should support conversations. Example

“Find a Mexican restaurant” -> result -> “Is it open now?” or “what is the rating?” etc

3. Chatbot should integrate with real POI database (e.g. Google maps/places or Yelp) and provide real results.

4. Think of all the additional innovative features to help a user find what they are looking for!

Data available:

Toyota Connected - Use of Telemetry Data

Most creative use of vehicle telemetry data
Winners receive: Oculus Rift + tour of Toyota HQ in the fall

Data available:

Toyota Connected - Driver Interface

Most innovative use of a vehicle head unit (driver interface)
Winners receive: Oculus Rift + tour of Toyota HQ in the fall

Data available:

Info available:


Create a mobile interface (app or responsive web design) that allows and encourages users to redirect routine discretionary expenditures (e.g., Starbucks, dining out) from the user’s checking account to a designated savings or investment account with one click.
Winners will receive a WiFi Mini Projector

TransAmerica - Health

Create a simulator that uses actual data (investments, spending, exercise activity, social interactions) via API or Plugins to simulate investment and health activity. The user would be able to adjust investment and health activity and see the long-term effects on the user’s health, wealth, and retirement with the option to push the simulation live if desired.
Winners will receive a Google Home

TransAmerica - Mobile Game

Design a mobile game targeted at children 10-15 years old highlighting the importance and long-term benefit phyisical fitnesss and/or saving money at an early stage in life can have over the course of their lifetime. The game may focus on either the health or wealth element individually or combine them.
Winners will receive a Drone with Camera

TransAmerica - Google Home

Build a Google Home lead capture conversational app.
Winners will receive a Google Home.

Office of Environmental Quality (City of Dallas)

Educate the public through gamification to lower the litter rate.
Winners will receive a HD LCD/LED Portable Wifi Wireless Mini-Projector

State Farm (3)

Provide a new and unique solution that helps State Farm, an Insurance and Financial Services company, partner with Earth Day to solve an environmental problem.

Prize: 2-4 team members per group: 1st place: $100 giftcard and Raspberry Pi Kit, 2nd place: $100 giftcard, 3rd place $50 giftcard

Tagait Prize

Design a security solution, maybe in the form of an app to track our rented inventory of cars.

Come talk to Tagait team to get more info on this challenge.

Best iOS Hack or Best Beginner Hack - Make School

$2000 scholarships for winners to attend Make School's Summer Academy
Prize bag for each winner: MiniDrones, MS swag bag (USB flash drive, cell-phone credit card holder, stickers, etc.)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

All participants must be registered online and in-person to submit a project.


Zack Hicks

Zack Hicks
CEO, Toyota Connected. CIO, Toyota Motors



Judging Criteria

  • Social Impact
    This can be general positive impact or relationship to the environment.
  • Scalability
    Does this product work when applied outside of a hackathon setting?
  • Creativity
    How innovative is this idea, and how did you come up with it?
  • Functionality
    Does this solution solve the problem it's intended for?
  • Execution
    How well does the solution work technically?

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